Crust (Big Drill Car)

The sooner that we realize it is always our next move The sooner we can cut the shit and find the eye marked ??? Doesn't think we'll open it and they will always close To you and me it's all the same We've remained on our toes And you know we've always liked that crust Seasons change and so do minds and mine is just like yours ??? doors And you know I'll always like that crust Because now and I see the situation coming close I can't turn and not face it under my nose Darkness always seems to follow me Do I believe in what I see or what I hear Your intentions they were never all that clear And you know I still do need that crust (knead?) Back and forth and from the top we'll start it once again Hurry up and weight the fact don't cry for you my friend But you know I'll fall back on that crust Even though it's between our love I trust Because everywhere deserves performance (is her performance)