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Anywhere (CETI)

Well, my life the road of dreamer Child of the moon with bright eyes Too late for waiting Have no time Head for days if they gonna come Tried all the ways But my whole wisdom fades Anywhere Lord I know you're patient Was something wrong I have no words for you I have no prayer Had those wasted nights It's always the same The shadow over oh Lord Anywhere The night is come Another road Though all the ways I know I'm lost I cannot scream You know the cost Of life that always finds a mock Diamond star can you hear me Do I have to cope with all the load Trace of love let me find you I can't help the way we're gonna fall Beware of place Unholy voice The spell of lonely one that leaves No choice The fate of mine Is crazy deal I know there are the things you cannot heal Breathed the air running wildly Feel the heat around me Feel it's soul Going down like a chaser I don't feel like wasting it Have to go I have to go