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Falcon's Flight (CETI)

You, And me, And everything around me, Like a dust, Like the dark, Will pass away. You have this time, This time To change into falcon, Today, And now, Fly on your wings Like a flash, And the roar, Like an eye of the storm, To the stars, To the stars, Fly on your wings. To live, To dream, On the mountain's top, Where god, Where god, Will catch you. [REF:] You can fly above the sky! You can touch him now! You say - no! Down the eyes, Don't want to say it hurts, Others' laugh Mock in face, What for! ? What for! ? One more time, You're bowing And you feign, that it doesn't hurt, Mock in face What for! ? What for! ? Like a thought, Like a voice, That nobody hears, Such you, To the stars, You soar up, And there, Between them, You want kiss the silence, Stand here, And don't look back again.