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Watching Scotty Grow (Davis Mac)

(Mac Davis) There he sits with a pen and a yellow pad What a handsome lad That's my boy BRLFQ spells mom and dad But that ain't too bad That's my boy You can have your TV and you nightclubs And you can have your drive in picture show I'll stay here with my little man near We'll listen to the radio Biding my time and Watching Scotty grow Making a castle out of building blocks And a cardboard box That's my boy Mickey Mouse says it's thirteen o'clock Well that's quite a shock! That's my boy In four short years I've gone from rags to riches And what I did before that I don't know So let it rain on my windowpane I got my own rainbow And we're sitting here shining Watching Scotty grow Riding on daddy's shoulders off to bed Old sleepy head That's my boy Got to have a drink of water and a story read A teddy bear named Fred That's my boy What's that you say momma Come on and keep you feet warm Well save me a place I'll be there in a minute or so I'll think I'll stay right here and Say a little prayer before I go Me and God Watching Scotty grow Me and God Watching Scotty grow...