Red, Red Raw (Jane)

She's talking in her sleep Says, "Wont you love me I don't always get this deep It's just an overflow of all I know And all that I can't speak…speak" He says, "But you're always asking why, Be warned that, to avoid the question, there's plenty who will tell you lies, You'd better find some other way of staying sane, If you wanna make it out alive" What do you do When you feel sore Heart in your throat, face down in the floor Someone must know That you're red red raw You're red red raw She's got this master plan, "Someday everyone's gonna who just who I am But for now I'm willingly, just passing time That's killing me Til they understand." He said, "That's just a faded dream, I know a girl who loved the world but she soon learned what jaded means It's not that I just see the worst But blessings seem to turn to curses Eventually.