Darkness Dies (Paramaecium)

Distant voices begin to sing, "Now the fire's burning, let the fire spread so those who think they live will realise that they are dead. Over eons, over centuries, it has taken many names for the Spirit of the Ancient is the fire within the flames. Let mankind burn with the fire of the Spirit." Following the golden path towards the burning Tree I pause before I enter within the castle walls. As darkness dies the light of truth is revealed. I genuflect to worship at the throne of life. "I have followed your quest with great interest" said the King as I raise my eyes to meet his. "Many have stood where you stand and many will stand there in latter days." The Firetree, the tree that burns whilst it is never consumed. The Firetree on which a man died to bring life to mankind. Who was he, that man that died? Who was he? "That man was God." I came before the throne seeking truth and life but, as everything in my life begins to fall into place, I learn from the King that in death there is life; to die to one's self is the truth of salvation and eternal life. The King addressed me once more saying "Once you were yours but now you are mine. You have my permission to die. Go now and die to yourself." And with that, in obedience to the King, I stepped into the pool of water, shedding my old garments and moving further into the depths as the water engulfed me. That day, I entered into a new life and, in the presence of the almighty King, was born again.