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Got The Flava (Showbiz & A.G.)

Show & A.G. got the flavas (the flavas) Rollin with the dwellas and the neighbors (the neighbors) Show & A.G. got the flavas (the flavas) Rollin with the dwellas and the neighbors (the neighbors) Hey yo no question I'm the best in this rap business No doubt I'm strapped, get back or get clapped rediculous son I'm flippin this one (don't be dumb) You better run or end up like my last victim Shit that's real I already been through Scared from the threats I sent you (it's all in the mental) Jackin niggas like I'm in the Central Cuttin through that ass like a Ginsu as I commense to Get big with my nigs, A.G. & Showbiz Now your idol was doin vital damage to your ribs Word straight up and down, crab MCs get crushed I'll leave your style cramped, my crew can't be touched So when you hear the bomb you know it's D. Flow son No one can fuck around, yeah that's right (no one) Hey yo the honies on the dilz cause I play ball good (it's all good) I'm still representin the hood Big shouts to Uncle Pete, you're my number one neighbor No doubt I'm puffin later with my nigga Gary Aida Peace to Roc Raider and all the goodfellas People gettin jealous, well it's the brothers (the brothers) On some other shit can't forget Shabazz Representin not to mention that I'm gettin cash Get with that or get with this because I'm kickin this With the styles I'm runnin through niggas like Emmit Smith Touchdown, I buck down MCs that step up 10 G's if you wanna MC wrecked up The ghetto dwella's in your hood, hoodie down Stomps from the Bronx, the boogie man from the Boogie Down Momma never told me there would be days like this That I'd be rippin tracks, gettin paid with my nigs On tour, roar with that hardcore stuff Niggas call bluffs (I give em no chance) I make it more rough (And even slow dance) on niggas faces, rugged, fuck it Them niggas got to love it cause we made this I'm gettin papers with my peeps As Party Arty keeps Bacardi so MCs meet the shotty Check the method but don't sweat the technique Even made the baddest dime bitches get weak when the vets speak (Hopin) That your head meets my bed sheets (Now you're open) Like the Red Sea cause I'm potent Don't fit? Don't force it, Flow got that 4-fifth Who do with that voodoo, my doll it's that cordless All this and that and then some Get paid to put raps on tracks, I guess that's my income The beat chills so they be comin back for refills (My man shows his street skills) From here to the Peekskills Kill the rumors, givin MCs brain tumors Time to step off the set, gotta jet like Puma What the blood clot, son lick a shot, show your love in the area Forget me not, mass hysteria My style revolves around blunts, the Methical The one and only piece original, never phony One love to my muthafucker A.G. A true giant in the industry, hold your shoes up (Word to God, youknowI'msayin) Yeah, that's how it's goin down, you know who got the flava We got the flava, the flava So bring it on, so bring it on, all you muthafuckin corns, yeah