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He Say, She Say (Showbiz & A.G.)

He say, she say, brothers be yapping Running they mouths and don't even know what happened Just for conversation you run your lip And now my man's got problems, so now he's got to flip His girl is heated, and she's leaving too Because you ran your mouth, what you said wasn't even true See my man's name is Victor His brother Mike is boning Shante, that's Eric's sister Mike had a girl, but Shante knew But on the downlow a little rendevous One day upstairs the two were chilling His girl popped up, yep yep, she started illing Mike said that's Victor's undercover lover So victor caught on and had to cover for his brother Walked Shante home, and said so long But somebody saw the two and thought they had something going on It got around like a hula hoop And you made it your business, Victor's girl knew the scoop Know she's beefing, flipping and crying Didn't believe when he said that they were lying It's over, the relationship is done Victor was a loyal brother if I ever knew one You say he's wrong, but that's not a fact See if you don't know the story then you shouldn't say jack Well it's over anyway, huh And Victor is the victim of he say, she say ("He say, she say, I heard it throught the grapevine" - Greg Nice) Losing a girl is one thing, but there's another side Of he say she say, a lot of brothers died All the gossip don't belong in the streets >From another brother talking now you got major beef Two kids had a beef, one was your man They went out like troopers, and they went out with their hands Your man took a loss, but he left it at that But you made it your business to say he was coming back The other kid wouldn't have it So he ran to his car, yeah he packed the automatic And you knew he wasn't joking So you called up your man, "Yo yo, we gotta smoke em" Came downstairs with the nine and the vest Little did you know he didn't aim for the chest Caught him in the head, now your man is dead Rest in peace chief, cause of something that you said Tell it to his family on his funeral day And your man is a victim of he say, she say ("He say, she say, I heard it throught the grapevine" - Greg Nice) Somebody told my man that the Giant is dead He went out like a trooper and took two to the head Somebody said to me that I'm not A.G. Because the Giant is dark-skinned and 6'3" Somebody told Show that A.G. can't flow That witch is crazy, because you know I'm good to go (Ayo I heard Showbiz is making money off the crack) He doesn't have to Jack, because he's making fat tracks You don't even know and that's upsetting me And I won't be a victim, so don't put me in Jeopardy The ones who yapped this goes out Always putting other words in other people's mouth I'm a end it on this note, okay? Don't let em make you a victim of he say, she say ("He say, she say, I heard it throught the grapevine" - Greg Nice)