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Hold Ya Head (Showbiz & A.G.)

Once again back again with my friends Diamond's beats are fat just like a Benz Andre the Giant is great, but I should also mention Lord Finesse, he's the Funky Technician I'm on my way to the studio, it's the only way that I know How to play down low Punching keys like Rocky Balboa Saying rest in peace to Tshaka Figeoroa Some got to grow up before they blow up And did you ever know a young brother who had shit sewed up? Rented some BM's some Volvos, some Benz So much jewls I had to pass shit down to my friends But when down and out and pockets are low See how fast friends go when there's no cash flow So I head for the top, times are hard Pushing moms, no pops, I had to get my own props I can wild out, but instead I just keep to myself and Showbiz just hold his head Wally World (Just hold ya head) True Dog (Just hold ya head) Kerry Dope (Just hold ya head) My cousin Chris (Just hold ya head) Hold ya head, that's what Showbiz said In memory of Koto Harris, the eulogy read: Another friend was laid to rest This world is just chaos, confusion, and a big mess But we got to keep striving To leave town, never stay down but keep rising >From the ghetto, not always ghetto minded Some is striving, the finish line they never find it All of the sudden they life stops >From black on black to harassed by white cops Some went into jail to do time They take away your time, your freedom, and your state of mind So pay attention, these are facts, black Take it from the Giant cause I've been there and back This is advice so take it Stay strong on your path, and you will make it I'm not trying to tell you what to do Just hold ya head, and everything else will follow through To Tyrell (Just hold ya head) To Cool K (Just hold ya head) My brother Kel (Just hold ya head) Big Todd (Just hold ya head) Green light, that's go or should I stop? I'm not trying to get bagged by any narc cops What are you, on dope, or is this a joke? Is this the day you pull me over, searching for cracks and coke? What's the problem, you know I'm sober If you drove a fucking Nova you wouldn't have to pull over You're making me late, my papers is straight Never hesitate to run a check and then let me skate Take my business card, it's in my left hand You got the right motherfucker but the wrong goddamn plan So pass me by, or you wonder why Niggas pull out their glock and point it right between your eye But I got my shit together, I never flip with the weather And I always think clever I think positive and legit I gotta give big shouts to my peeps Kendu and Infinite Brothers stare into my face like I'm a sucker It's too easy to kill another young motherfucker So I ignore it, I turn the other cheek Yo Show, you ain't got any time for these niggas, these boys is weak Some punks want to spit razors shit for rocks Packing a glock, and I don't shoot blanks Young boys that thought they was ready, step to this They made wrong moves because that ass got rocksteady Down the line, far from kind Whip in behind, and still packing nothing but a nine Back on the block, or out on the streets I recoup a Dre's scheme real neat to make ends meet But I can't live trife, shot stabbed with a knife I want kids and a wife, not 25 to life Negative thoughts are dead Showbiz is the man that always hold his motherfucking head To my man Tone (Just hold ya head) To Mad Mark (Just hold ya head) To Carmello (Just hold ya head) To Big Jordan (Just hold ya head) Yeah, even though we can say rest in peace to the brothers that ain't here, It's just never going to bring you back. So we got to love the ones that We're close to now. And I say, and I say, and we out. A.G., my man. I'd like to say what's up to my man Icewater, my man D-Smooth, my brother Cali Dog, just to everybody man, just hold ya motherfucking head. Word, cause we've been there, and we in here. Out, and we out.