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Check It Out (Showbiz & A.G.)

Check it out huh, this is how it's going down From the Boogie Down, brothers stand around with a frown It's time to hit ya, let the melody split ya Poems is deadly, Holmes better get the picture See these vibes are visible Fiends see it in the mental, chicks dig it in the physical We had to lounge, now I'm furious Fake hip-hoppers, can they do it in '95? I'm curious Cause my squad has sickness, crazy sickness Hit the herb, let the words start flowing with the riches Don't compare me when you hear me I stay true, and when I'm through, it'll pay dearly Dre's a giant, no question, but what I question Is how now this is your profession I'm charged off the lye How we do? (Spray 'em) Bless 'em, impress 'em, and hang 'em high Taking loot like bakers and produce pages And styles go for Miles, like Davis My potential, with Show's instrumental Got you all zoning on the vibes that we sent you In the mental, who's that abusing rap? Pop from the heart, so it's back to the start, black And these tracks are incredible S-H-O to the W, true to our revenue That's how we feel in the BX, mics I bless Time to get down with the boogie I got a mind like Minolta Me and Show go back like the D.A. on Travolta I want cheese like ziti You'll get left like ?reuiniti? (on ice) trying to be me I jam, sucker, like the God in all the ruckus Over tracks (Your girl probably claps) Then I stuck her No front, all I want is to be happy Probably like Mary, but if you dare me, then we'll get scrappy Don't lift weights, let the hands be dictate The Giant is great from back then to this date I take the cake and I bounce with the whole weight A weapon, stepping straight from Section 8 If it's me then you might not wait If you fake the moves, then it's your tools I'm a take I want to see you stop me to those that knock me Amazing with blazing talents like Rodney Strict with the voodoo, peace to Chaka Zulu In the clutch, I can't be touched, they must be noodles Too many skills for you to try and doubt Put your money where your mouth, I'm a make you wear your mouth I've had it, time to get bruised and battered I'm like Earvin Orsette, cause I'm great with that black magic It's nothing when my man's on production I reign (You catch a blow to your brain) percussion Rap savior, the more the major Bring 'em all on, and they'll get shitted on with flavor Reality is what it's all about So when you hear the vibes of Show & A, check it out