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I'm Not The One (Showbiz & A.G.)

Now I'm around the way, yeah you got it, that's right Checking this girl named Bonita, used to see her on the late night I seen this kid I used to hustle with Yo, he don't act the same since I got a name and I went legit He's acting kind of shiesty Daddy's jealous, that's what they tell us, I guess he might be I'm not scrambling, but I'm still making G's Not off of keys, but CD's and LP's I got the word he's gonna try and rob me He used to be my man, damn, am I worried? No, not hardly He forgot, or he stopped believing I'm the same brother on the block, pop pop for the slightest reason If he want it, then it's no sweat It's either kill or be killed, and I'm not ready to go yet Yeah, he was cool, there was no one cooler But if my man try to flip, I'm going out like Rick the Ruler He tried to get me but I lucked up, yup He made his move but he fucked up, yup So when I see him, he's a goner His cash flow gotta be low cause I'm knocking down his street corner Every day I'm on my P's and Q's Since I'm clocking G's I'm packing twos And you know four pounds is a lot of weight I got him, straight through his chest so I guess that's checkmate After he dropped, I copped a bag of tella Trow on my hood like I should, I'm a Goodfella And that late night bitch, she turned into a snitch Started running from the lip, so I'm coming with a clip Now she's returned to tell me "What have you learned?" If you try to pull my number then you're gonna get burned