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Never Less Than Ill (Showbiz & A.G.)

No longer on the low, I gotta flow is what I mean Let the critics know they can't tamper with the Jolly Green No longer on the low because my flows be tight On my own shit, A to the G is what I be like The Neighborhood Sickness makes you feel the pain But the Medicine got the brain numb like novacaine Red hot, Got the Flavas, Show & A got the flavas Now come on with the get down A full blitz when I put wits to song More flavors than them freaky 411s your bitch got on Next Level is what it's Time For '94 missed us, but check us when nine pound wind down Forget my fame, because my aim is the riches Even Robert DeNiro, he ain't seen more witches The street is filled with chickens, some finger-licking I need that queen that represents by all means You're bopping your head, now watch it spread like cancer On the move like go-go, burn you like Jo Jo Dancer, you can't relate because my raps are the roughest Retaliate, but you wrath is roughless Fear no human being, seeing me is rare Time has took its toll, I can tell by your tears A man amongst children, and my records make a killing Like tobacco, I got a fat flow, worth a million You'd better breeze cause you're finished You'll get sprayed like afro sheen, got more green than spinach Time to roll, got my squad on patrol Trying to find phony fellas faking like they got soul