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Still Diggin' (Showbiz & A.G.)

Yeah, 1992, Showbiz & A.G., we about to catch wreck. And I got my main man Diamond D, he's about to catch wreck from diggin' in the crates and all that. And I'd like to say I chop off the head off of all those that commercialize! We got real bad bwoy in effect. Come Diamond D, come correct! Yo check it See I'm back on the block but my name ain't Quincy Yeah, I'm chopping rappers up into mincemeat Step up and speak if your shit ain't weak The beat's for the jeep kid, they don't come cheap I practice my craft so you can call me macaroni And I get cheese and more run that a pony Smoke a lotta herb but I don't chew tobacco When Show drops the beat I say "Holy mackeral!" The stunts don't front any longer See my status is large, and the props are getting longer Ride around with Lou Dog in the Path Sit back and laugh or maybe sign an autograph I'm walking tall, but yo I'm not a cracker Don't run with the burgeouis, my crew's much blacker So give a shout for the man with the clout Sippin' on a Guiness stout, yo I'm about Showbiz, my man's still diggin' in the crates Diamond D, yeah I'm still diggin' in the crates (repeat 2x) Ayo, it's often said, but it's never read That Diamond got a beat for every dread in his head But don't be mislead (Why?) Cause breakbeats are dead I'm not the Biz, who runs around with Super Pro Keds I'm just a cool brother, who hangs out in a top shop And I still get my props when giving brothers knots So step up front, yeah, that's if you want it It's time to breathe there's no future in fronting Cause they know, and I know, and she know, and we know That I'm an old champ like Bruno Samitino Or Ivan Pusky or the brother Tony Atlas Buy my EP and Showbiz will be the fattest And baddest is my status, I knew a man named Thatus Who rode a night train to Georgia just like Gladys Knight and the Pips, there's no 40's on my lips Yo pass the Moet, I might flip and take a sip And sit back and puff a blunt with Slick Nick Sometimes he puff slow, sometimes he puff quick I'd rather grab the mic and concentrate on getting papes I'm out, and I'm still diggin' in the fucking crates Showbiz, my man's still diggin' in the crates Diamond D, yeah I'm still diggin' in the crates (repeat 4x)