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You Know Now (Showbiz & A.G.)

My raps are homicide, raps are clear like crystal Never packed a pistol, well I used it, ain't the issue And if you insist to test us, trust me We're official, a bite-proof style you can't get through New shit was real from day one Say one verse, then I burst with the love so I can slay hon Ain't none, that's the answer on who's better Want more cheese than cheddar, soon to breeze like the weather My companion is standing on non-believers With mics you can't test me, you lose against the SP Blacker than Wesley, almost perfect like Gretzky You supposed to be the best? Step up, let's see Check one two, that means I'm coming, too But in my song, if I say "Peace, I'm gone" that means I'm through Monster, will stomp ya, til you suffocate Turn read, now dead is your mental state If you didn't know before, guess you know now! (It's Show & A.G. and this is how it's going down) (Repeat 2x) It's the A to the G-I, still with Show B-I I can't see why you're trying to play me when you're knee-high To a giant, moneygrip, you don't know me Try my like Opie, cause I'm low key With the spotlight I'm not concerned You can ask Guru and Primo cause we know it's "Hard to Earn" Spo burn, baby, burn It's the year of the only little big man, so wait your turn Who can get with the man with no gimmicks? Got the mad team like the '96 Olympics I used to wish chicks would notice me They be scheming, got them bitches fiending just like Jodeci Hopelessly, cause the dialouge is tight I rip it and split, never hog the mic Write with my brain cells, not a pencil Can't survive what I've been through, or rent space in my mental If you didn't know before, guess you know now! (It's Show & A.G. and this is how it's going down) (Repeat 4x) Bring me on some happy shit, I turn this bitch into Happy Land Burn it down, call the fireman, cause I'm around So eat your Wheaties and your vitamins I smoke a pound of the black cheeba cheeba I'm a see you on the verse, Back and Forth like Aalyiah From the vill and the have, I rocks on like Rage Party with Arty, around the World with Wally Artifical mic handlers get broken, I'm potent Shit I be quoting be having brothers open You'll get knocked off the top if you think I can't rock it Rush ya like Russia, call my bluff, I'm a hush ya I'm coocoo for Coca, you slowpoke, we had this style last year This past year we was no joke This year, I'm getting light from gripping mics Fans getting hype and my pockets getting right With my nigga Trigger T.O., you know how we go On that reel-to-reel shit, you feel it, f**k your ego Peace to brother Show, who's on this track, and in fact I'm out with no doubt, peace and it's like that To all my fellas, I got your back (I got your back) If you didn't know before, guess you know now! (It's Show & A.G. and this is how it's going down) (Repeat 8x)