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You Want It (Showbiz & A.G.)

Peace to K. Shabazz, while I get you open like a gash Pass the nickle if you think you can last MC's that slept got caught with the chin check Never slept cause them suckers could have been wet Now I'm here to bring use to my name Used to the slang, producer bang Give me room, cause what I consume makes me gloom To the man that I am, cause I am what I am Those who had soul was told to clap That was back, now it's '94 and I'm back With the Ghetto Dwellas, still rolling with my fellas With the herbs, I'm strutting, there's nothing you can tell us To recall and sing, my peeps who never fronted Back the f**k up while they keep acting like they want it You want it? I gots to give it to ya! (Repeat 4x) I soar through the sky like a dirty city pigeon Preview of the next LP, here's a smidgen Of the roughness, you know the ill off the cuffness You can't break it or bend it, cause the toughness Is manifested from my lyrical flow And niggas start sweating like they just did some blow Yo, dough is not a fuss I got the honeys running all night like the 21 bus Sally got a one track mind But now she got a black eye, cause she tried to take mine Another day in the hood Chilling with Show & A.G., Walli World, yo it's all good Let me proceed with the swiftness I overlook niggas like Jehovah's Witnesses do Christmas So roll it up and get blunted Rhyme for rhyme, we can go if you want it, bitch You want it? I gots to give it to ya! (Repeat 4x) We keeps it bouncing, Gary Lethal get the ounce and Roll one, I'm the fountain you got to flow from Straight up, all foes get ate up Willies keep your weight up, nope I hope you're not calling me Stalling, cause that roughness is all in me I rip ya, cause my rapture will rupture Check the richter, there's no rapper who's rougher Producer tougher than my man and his machine Don't sweat the cream, bet the green I'm on the humble, and not afraid to rumble With those who wanna outlast the jungle, they tumble, I run through So build fences or come to your senses My skills are endless with the one two (The one two) You want it? I gots to give it to ya! (Repeat 4x)