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Blood of the North (Sig:Ar:Tyr)

At the gates, of the One-Eye's hall Among the stars of the sky To weave my wyrd in Midgard's fate To join the gods that never die Nine worlds, are burning, my soul yearns, to breathe the fire I won, the secret, and knowledge, of life eternal Twilight, of mankind, the sun fails, and ends the wolf age Fates know, the cycle, my kingdom, will live forever I know that I hung, on that windy tree Nights all nine, given to Odin, myself to myself On that tree, of which no one knows From what root it rises - Havamal My ship has sailed from northern shores The dragon star to light my way I am reborn, to live again To forge my soul into a god Fates wheel, is turning, my father, will guide my journey I know, the secret, the knowledge, that burned with Baldur Bloodline, of ancients, the AR-fire, burns deep within me Now I, have returned, becoming, the Northern King again