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Skuld (Sig:Ar:Tyr)

The black stone lights the way to far Where Baldur waits the sleeping star To spin like sunlight darkened black And boldly sign the northern pact Where screaming ravens soar the sky And mighty winds the ships defy Walvater's army marches on To battlefields that light the dawn The southern plague is thus defiled To bring splendour to the northern child Where twilight roads lead Thulian way And destroy the ones that led astray The new north shines like starry night The martyr falls in black sun's light The stone is set in middle earth To eternal guide the blood's rebirth "Ill omens my friend, look, Ymir's blood drifts into the dawning sun, and colours it as red as raven's mead, I warn you again of this dark ambition!" "Aye, an ill omen indeed. My heart weighs heavy, as this accursed sign is like heavy iron on my chest. I fear this mad quest of mine shall not continue." "Will you accept their offer then? Please, our time is done here. This new way speaks of peace, we can fight this no longer. The King has said thus." "Aye... the crucified one is your King now my friend. We have forsaken it all. Our history, our culture, our heritage, our blood. Our gods... we have killed them, and there, there is their blood..."