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Sonatorrek (Sig:Ar:Tyr)

The spear-god shared Spoil with me, My oath was to Odin, He gave me aid: Now that maker of mystic Runes only mocks me, Voids all my victories, That breaker of vows I'll make offerings to Odin, Though not in eagerness, I'll make my soul's sacrifice, Not suffer silently: Though this friend has failed me, Fellow of gods, To his credit he comforts me With compensation That wolf-killer, that warrior God, well seasoned in war Bestowed a bounty Not to be bettered: To my art he added One other gift, A heart that held Not craft only: hatred! The end is all Even now High on the headland Hel stands and waits, Life fades, I must fall And face my own end Not in misery and morning, But with a man's heart