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To Cronia (Sig:Ar:Tyr)

"The seas, they're... they're whispering!" The black sun rises over the northern sky Our prow breaks the ice before us The sea below lies stagnant, its foetid breath the air of dead men. Their eyes stare up at us, pleading to join them The icy grave melts under the foul mist, poisoned wind from the east The final judgment of dead races past. Ravens bite at their flesh, and spit it back out into the mire to join their parasitic host again. Worse fates await those who defile their blood and honour Look to the farthest northern shores Beyond Cronia, beyond the sea, beyond your dreams To the frozen throne, where he awaits. "And they passed the Scythian archers, and the Tauri who eat men, and the wandering Hyperboreai, who feed their flocks beneath the pole-star, until they came into the northern ocean, the dull dead Cronian Sea."