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Under the Dragon Star (Sig:Ar:Tyr)

"The crew is restless, we have lost three to exposure already. I plead with you, turn back, before it's too late and we all perish!" "If we turn back now we will be as good as dead anyway, and the valkyries will piss on our graves." "The gods have stopped listening to you, even Aegir thwarts our way. His daughters are cold and barren, grasping our hull with icy fingers." "Tire me not with your superstitions, for soon we will reach the ultimate north, our ancestral homeland, where the air is warm and moist, and the sun rains down eternally. By the stars, I know we are close!" "Well let us hope your superstitions are greater than mine!" Cold winds carry the breath of the past An icy path to the shores of Nastrond The frozen ocean mirrors the starry sky The northern lights, beneath the Dragon Star Winter hearts of blackened stone Forged in fire, in the primordial time Cast down from heaven, to the ancient ones To bond the iron and blood eternally "Sure, if sword could venge Such cruel wrong, Evil times would wait Aegir, ocean-god. That wind-giant's brother Were I strong to slay, 'Gainst him and his sea-brood Battling would I go. But I in no wise Boast, as I ween Strength that may strive With the stout ships' bane."