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By Your Side (Supreme Majesty)

A tear is trailing down As raindrops are falling from the sky The grief, heavy on your soul Your thoughts, just keep on asking why Each breath lasts eternally With pain and with hunger unfulfilled You're trying to reach out Remembering a voice inside your head Cause you know, this time is worth waiting And for sure, we'll meet again someday I know that it's hard It's tearing me apart We can't go on But love will still find a way One step at a time Feel my heart as I Stand by your side So close but yet far away You stare through the looking glass Impaling your mind with just one glance You shiver, as shadows Sweeps by and embrace you in a dance Then you know, that I will still be waiting On this side, keeping this flame on fire You rise and walk out the door Move on, shed your fears, let life go on