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Heroes Of Our Lands (Supreme Majesty)

Into this world, without no fear No one around to rely on Daylight relieves, the secrets of tomorrow Children will learn, hope will return Guardians of hope will be stronger Message from god, I will try to follow You better listen to the preachers Before the anger, and the rage takes over No, there is no chance When wind sweeps the land Wipe out the footprints in the sand Oh no, we'll never surrender No, there is no chance We will demand We are the heroes of our lands No, no, we'll never surrender Seems like a dream, nothing will change Shadows been hiding a danger I will not rest, in presence of a stranger I'm all alone, fearless I am Angels won't cry any longer Soldiers who die, only make me stronger With all your thoughts and faith around you We are not broken, hear the angels call you Rising faith within you Freedom, strength will need you In need of some piece, movement of faith Words from those priests were my saviour Now I can sleep, beside my guardian angel Here I was born and raised to fight This is my land here will I live and die