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Never Surrender Alive (Supreme Majesty)

Maybe the first time I got you inside It was a moment, a scary cold night Stood there and watch you, Jack Daniel's supporting my thoughts Sailing away on this cold winter night Afraid of the danger the shadows may hide Time will soon tell that this battle has come to an end Denied those thoughts through all those years. Without you by my side I'll fear That the mask that I'm wearing soon will fall off and leave a stain In spite of that, I will not die in vain Screams from my shelter, to far from the sun Haven of calm starts reloading the gun Blueprints of life, won't be able to save me this time. Which one of us is without any sin Right in between where the bullet went in I'll never surrender, never surrender alive Dark are the thoughts that occurred in my head Walked on the path to the valley of dead The demons I hide will not cease to exist 'til the end End of the story with scars in my face Secrets revealed and my hide-away place Embraced by the shadows, I leave my own future behind