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Not Of This World (Supreme Majesty)

They gather up, all around, demons of the past Vicious eyes behold their wrath The pain forever last What can I do, where can I run, to hide is to die Trapped in limbo upon this earth All I ask is why So I cry, shedding the tears of life Wasting the years to try, seek out the light Leave me be, you can't save what's left of me Not of this world I am, to proud to fight Dark, shadows without form, no purpose terminating The dark light of truth Not for their eyes to see Laws of happiness, a product of termination I can't obey their foul commands This world is not for me Escaping the night, you close your eyes Fooled you are safe, believe in their lies The purpose is hidden, beyond your week mind But I'd stay in the dark, if I just could close my eyes