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Soulseeker (Supreme Majesty)

I am lost without a reason Finding out no way Now I see a nameless horror Wrought of endless fear Walk alone through blackened shadows Eternal grief is mine I challenge hell's deepest fires To claim what should be mine Those dark times I feel in dismay Seems there's only pain in my life But I, I will not fall I'll make a stand King of this land I'll be like fire in the night Then you will know This is your foe I'll be like fire in the night I don't need your cross of guilt I am a fire in the night Formless shapes of my own terror See them point at me Wretched foes, my silent jury Sentence me to burn Feels like I'm lost - have no soul On this road, I walk alone But I, I heed the call Believer, truth seeker Cold eyes of pure mischief Redeemer, storm bringer In skies of black born of grief Now I, I am immortal