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Towards The Northern Star (Supreme Majesty)

Seems like eternity Since leaving my homestead behind Now it comes back to me unwind Crossing the wastes God knows I've travelled afar Following a vision of you, like a northern star Now that I'm here, I'll never leave you You guided my way to our castle that's home Now that I'm here, I'll never leave you In the kingdom of time, together we'll roam I've felt insanity I've been a searcher for all of my life There was no meaning to it all Stumbling in the dark Like a blind man that can't see the light Your faith is what keeps me alive You are the key to our sun that will rise Like drops of the rainbow, upon a solemn sky We'll be together, for the rest of our lives We are two wanderers Two lost souls left on our own The dream is ours to fulfil Life is a time of pain A race that can not be won But come let's ride into the sun