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Anchorage (Surfer Blood)

I don't want to spin my wheels, I don't got no wheels to spin Now I hear you're hanging out, with electric guitars no doubt I don't care for anyone You probably got a lot of fun You got your own thing going on, in places you don't belong Could have been mine at the right time And it seems like, we were all right Meet me in anchorage, that's where the action is There's no nectar there for bees Only flesh so wolves can feed Alaskan wilderness, all things slide away? First light at 3am, I can smell the parsley stems Some people can't relate, and others have a lot to learn I don't want to spin my wheels I don't want to let my stomach squirm If it feels right, at the right time we'll work it out We'll be alright, I know it oh Oh oh You've got a reputation, you know how to unwind And you got a reputation for knowing how to read your mind I don't want to spin my wheels I don't want to let it all hangout I just want volcanoes to erupt and thaw me out