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Catholic Pagans (Surfer Blood)

Never could be still for long And I could never hold a job Coupled with a weakness for cocaine and liquor Not much a candidate for love When I met you I broke the mold I fell apart and combed my hair Whiskey shakes for ten whole days Stayed off the streets at night for weeks I don't want to be a catholic pagan now that you're here We fell in on each other For love, survival and everything else Please don't padlock your parents bomb shelter Or fill her up with dust and ash A landfill mecca for burn-outs and listless Adolescent sour mash I'm not saying that I've earned love But I could really use it now So turn out the lights over and over and over We'll figure out the rest somehow I don't wanna be your Russian bride Not any more Barack Hussein Obama would have a field day If he knew at all So-o-o-o-o have to go Oooooooo Have to go-o-o-o-o