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Prom Song (Surfer Blood)

You tell me things aren't fair Like i was unaware So who told you, you could change your mind And run back when the stars aligned Well, I know it's not true, you would never follow through No its not true, you never wanted to And since you came Its never been the same So i know its not an accident We're faced down with our branches spent Well...something else is out there (out there) Something else is out there (out there) For me I just can't be bothered I just can't be bothered No i...No I...I don't want to know, oh I dont wanna know oh oh Tonight we pull the plug Sweep you underneath the rug You compare to where im all the time Just leave your parachute behind Let me know where you fall Tell me when u hear the call Know when you fall You wouldn't try it on And since you came It's been an open flame Now we chase away unwanted ghosts And leave behind what matters most Cause i dont need a reason Nothing comes from nothing baby I dont wanna know-oh I dont wanna know-oh