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Squeezing Blood (Surfer Blood)

Covert operations are underway. We can feel the blowback from yesterday. At the end of every night, meeting under tavern light. Cut off by the boy band, to bleed internal. Oh Oh You're squeezing the blood from a stone. Oh Oh Oh Oh Wash away the ashes of today, walls of vested sheep, sharpening their teeth. Love away the anguish from today, someone in the deep, has promises to keep. Damning allegations have come to light. Stapled to the background, in black and white. That's the way its always been, That's the way its gonna end. All the world fell silent when I read the verdict. Oh Oh. Be sure you can count on your friends. Oh Oh Oh Oh You make me plausibly deniable. Internal, Internal You make plausibly deniable, fall right off the radar, make yourself at home tonight. Oooh Oh Oh Ah ah ah