190 Proof (The Lacs)

190the lac boy 190 proof 190 proof the lac lac boys 190 the lac lac boys I'm back up in the saddle and I'm ready to ride I gotta fifth of jim beam and a jug of moonshine I've kicked all week on 2 day sleep so go on slide to the side of the passenger seat I got the pedal to the metal can't stop that diesel I got tour bus full of straight partyin people rollin 128 gotta pick up the pace had to pass jimmy Johnson just to take first place I remember miranda lambert at the CMA'S said I never see a country boy rock this way I don't need to rehearse I'm just doin what I'm feelin muscadine red wine and the papts blue ribon I could give a good damn bout the money or the glame give me ol johnny cash and a beer up in my hand I represent the real Red White and Blue I represent the truth 190 proof 190the lac boy 190 proof 190 proof the lac lac boys 190 the lac lac boys Came crawlin through the mud triped up on a gold mine workin on a buzz holler at me when it's show time me and big boy pop a top and get it goin gotcha reachin in your cooler you'll be drunk before you know it, yea we got drink smoke no passin out get the party started right around about now I put the shots up on the bar goin throwin em down find a lil country girl maybe go for a round so keep it country as a coondog holler at my people tell em meet me at the pool hall it on for tonight gonna try to drink a case or 2 before the morning sun kill a half a gallon bottle go ahead and get r done. 190 proof the lac boys 190 proof the lac boys 190 proof.