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Love In Time (Esperanza Spalding)

Wait a little while We can't rush what belongs To the heavens above Like the course of our love without time We'll never see what's behind This elusive romance Could be two who'll prove love is more than Mere chance Let's wait a little while And find out why we're waiting Amidst those parading Desir like a torch fire Amidst those who scramble For love all a flutter When true love is something subtler We'll create if we just wait... We can't rush a happy ending That's not in our dstiny's plan Sweet this seems we can't see The grand scheme of our lives Which really are what we'd share If this romance is true So take time to live yours I will too while we Wait a little while and be sure We're not fooled By the things we've been schooled To take as signs that love's arrived Like charm wit and beauty Our youth made us seek them But in truth we don't need them We're in love, so let's take our time.