Delusions (Zandelle)

Delusions Fire burning inside Blinded by your hate you do not see Actions based on ego Swimming in a pool of vanity You think you're the greatest If only you would open up your eyes Delusions of grandeur Now's the time to make you realize Down on your knees you will see Our ultimate power Beg and plead all you want Before us you will cower Never more will you feel That you're above everyone You will see what greatness is Cause our time has come Wake up you are dreaming Living in a world of fantasy What makes you think so highly of yourself come back to reality Talking full of hot air You are fooling no one but yourself Suffering from delusions Your problem lies within your mental health I've come to show you who has the might You'll see that I'm right Now you can't deny it Before me you will bow down low And now that you know You just cannot fight it