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Immortal Realms (Zandelle)

Immortal Realms Welcome to a land where Fairies dwell and mighty Dragons fly Where Dwarven smiths make swords of steel and castles touch the sky The Elves they move with utmost grace while Giants stand so tall And sailors become mesmerized by the Sirens' call Dryads and Nymphs they can be found if you look hard enough In the Immortal Realms An ageless time when magic reigned and honor ruled the land Where kings and queens control the nations across the seas and sands Where wizards cast their deadly spells while prophets tell one's fate And evil monsters terrorize full of anger and hate Goblins, Orcs and Trolls spread fear and terror in the land Of the Immortal Realms Immortal Realms! Come take my hand Let go of all your hate and anger Open your eyes and your mind You're in my world And I can be your guide through it Leave all your fears behind Cast your doubts away and give in to your dreams Not everything that you see is as it seems For every evil there's a hero prepared to die Accept these words from me and do not question why Immortal Realms!