The Cycle (Zandelle)

The Cycle We're born in this world and we live our lives For how long we do not know We do what we can, we can do no more Cause sooner or later we'll go When will it end, how much time is left Will I know when my time is near? Will there be a tunnel with a light at the end Or will darkness fill my soul with fear Oh no, I see it coming The end is getting closer for us all There is no use denying From any height we'll all soon fall On we go And on we go How long For how long we do not know Till the end Until the end Darkness When darkness is our only friend Can't take any more, I just want to know Will I die alone and in pain? Or will I go on while my friends pass away I think that would drive me insane To be born to die is senseless to me A logic that I cannot see To know your existence is governed by time Can drive you to insanity Living in this daydream Wondering when it will end Now I run away into the night Can't escape my fears as they fill me with fright I must accept the truth of how things are And hope the cycle's end for me is still quite far