The Champion (Zandelle)

The Champion In another place and time A young man on a quest for knowledge Traveled far a wide all across the land But the road ahead was full of danger He never dreamed of the risks he'd find As he traveled this road of earth and sand Now he fights on Struggles to survive day by day Eternal champion To the gods of chaos doeth he pray Warrior from a race of evil Savior is what he wants to be Wanderer he travels on forever Tries to find that which he doeth seek He gets so close but still too far Always fall short of his goal Determination drives him on and on From a magic blade he gets his power As it drink the souls of his enemies Longs to return to a home that's so far gone Always travelling Hoping that one day he'll see his home Self-banished emperor For how much longer must he roam? [repeat chorus] He left his love behind His cousin rules his land As he faces death everywhere he turns He tries to find the answers That he has yet to find The flame of conviction in his soul burns