The Warrior (Zandelle)

You see the light of dawn and think you're almost home But you have yet to see the change The town that was your own has birthed and evil spawn And now it'll never be the same In the dark of night the evil will arise And spread its's terror through the land A demon straight from hell, power too great to tell Brings death to woman, child and man And now you find yourself facing your worst nightmare Your worst fears come alive You can't be saved by your prayers Only you can stop this hellish demon You must put your fears behind you Bravely you head out to champion the cause A warrior of honor you'll be It is your destiny, you can't turn away They're counting on you to set them free Brave warrior, last hope for all Slay the evil one, stand proud and tall You face the evil one and fight with all your might And now you fight your greatest battle Your heart is pure and strong and so you win the fight And free the town enslaved like cattle Cause in the light of day the evil one is slain The town is free to liv again The warrior reigned supreme, no more agonizing screams Will haunt any woman child or man