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Twilight On Humanity (Zandelle)

Twilight On Humanity Day by day we follow our routines Not much changes in our lives With every dawn another sunrise A never ending cycle in our minds Never once did we stop to think What if this all came to an end? If everything we knew was gone If reality became pretend But you carry on as if nothing will change Nothing is out of place, nothing new or strange Familiarity has become part of you It rules your judgement on what is false or true Did you ever wonder why it is this way? Did you ever ask if other worlds exist? Could it be that we're the only ones Or are there others hiding in the mist What if there was a world that we did not know of Where creatures lurk below and dragons soar above And what if that world began to enter ours Would it enter quietly or with devastating power? It started subtly, unseen by all Thought as insanity, the common man would just ignore In shadows they did hide until the time When they'd break free and ride, but now they just wait for the sign The gate has opened up between the worlds And now the change it comes for men and women of this Earth The dark is on its way to claim our lands No matter how we try it can't be stopped by mortal hands So few have seen the change and how they try To warn everyone before they die But they are not believed, they're thought insane They're hunted down like dogs, captured and then locked away The darkness soon spread far, the time was near The demons would soon rise and fill the world with pain and fear The death toll then increased each passing day The evil hunt began, the humans had become the prey Then it was too late, the time had come An evil killing spree already begun There mission to destroy the human race Technology was lost man would fight with sword and mace Demons are among us the evil ones have come Spreading their destruction, killing everyone How can we fight that which we do not know Mankind has lost everything a new dark age is hear Evil spreading sorrow, agony and fear Despair is rising, all hopes are low Governments have fallen, nations are no more No one left to fight this most unholy war Why is this happening, no one can tell Dragons flying overhead, breath of fire burns Goblin armies marching in, death at every turn No one to save us from this nightmarish hell Their numbers grow each day, ten thousand strong How can we hope to win, it won't be long Before we are destroyed, become extinct They eat our flesh and bone and our life-blood they do drink Suddenly a hope came to us From the Immortal Realms Elves with mighty swords and armor Rugged Dwarves as well Magic wielding fairies casting Fireballs bright as the sun Satyrs, Fauns and Centaurs joined them Battle has begun Evil: Death is coming Good: It's you who'll die Evil: Immortal power Good: Our swords held high Evil: The dead will rise Good: We will prevail Evil: You can't defeat us Good: Send you to hell And so the two armies fought, neither able to claim victory over the other Instead a balance was reached Half the world basked in light, while the half suffered in darkness The world was split in two The Earth had been reborn The fine line that divides Humanity is torn To tip the scales their way, both sides did try But balance did prevail though many died A new dawn has arrived and now they see A new dark age is here, Twilight on Humanity!