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Warlords Of Steel (Zandelle)

Warlords Of Steel Our hearts race with every beat, a thunderous roar fills the air The majesty and grandeur coursing through our veins The war is far from over, our enemies must beware We'll show them that our power forever remains We must all stand together and show them we won't fall Cry out and tell the world once and for all Our strength cannot be stopped we can't be pushed away Our power is growing stronger it is here to stay Warlords of steel bringing our strength to you Keeping true to our faith Now we reveal the power we know is true Warriors here to say...supreme we will reign! Fight on forever to survive, we must not give up our dreams Stand proud and show them all that we will not give in Be true to your hearts hold tight what you believe With our strength and power we will win No one has the right to decide your fate for you They'll tell you otherwise but inside you know it's true We will not tolerate this oppressive state we're in We'll fight with all our hearts, the power lives within Out of the shadows of night we will rise unleashing the power foretold The power and valor lives on in our hearts and with it we'll never grow old. With fists held high we'll lead the fight And crush them all with our never ending might! Scream loud let your voice be heard, let the whole world hear your cry A monstrous shout that echoes well into the night We will never surrender they can't hold us down With valor in our hearts, don't give up the fight With our battle cry we'll chill them to the bone We'll make them run and hide under every rock and stone They cannot hold us down, the power is in our hearts And if they try to stop us we'll tear them all apart