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Hood Love (Austin Johnta)

Sometimes I don't get a chance to really tell you But I promise you, my love will never fail you Don't you get it? Right now we're writing history A thousand years from now They'll talk about you and me I know sometimes I go hard For no reason at all Put your soul through the business, And touch the weight of your heart But when your back's on the wall And there's a shortage of friends You know that I'm with you until the end Coz we got hood love I'll be cussin, I be screamin Like it's over, then I'm lovin Then I'm feeling just to hold ya And that's how we do You know that hood love is the good love That's me and you So how you feel love? Well I'm wit u Never quit u Now that's real love When you're not here Then I miss you Coz I still love The way that we do You know that hood love is the good love That's me and you Sometimes I think about leaving you But when I think about what we've been through, yeah I get a feeling like it could be the worse Cuz I've given you my best and I don't mind it... that's fine Coz when you love somebody hard then you'll love that way for life You got all of my heart And I'll never leave your side I gave my word to love ya All the way to the end So no matter what I'll be right here I'll be right here cuz we got hood love Now I'll play tough but not for too long You are someone I depend on No matter how I act at times I could never walk away I thought about it plenty times But no one can take your place Well if there aint no you Then there aint no me If there aint no us Then I'd rather be By my self Cuz no one can Could understand my history And bring me back right here cuz We got hood love [Chorus x3]