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In Love (Austin Johnta)

I’m hurtin, I’m certain I ain’t never felt like this before And I’m weakened, steady thinking That you’re about to walk through the door I guess this is what love looks like, What love taste like, what love feel like I guess your boy finally in love, I’m in love Today is Saturday, august 8th, I’m just sitting here thinking bout what’s wrong with my life I know you think I’m tough but girl I’m crushed Cause when the sun goes down you won’t be coming home tonight No you won’t lady There ain’t a day goes by, I don’t struggle not to cry Fighting just to hold back tears Because I miss you, wuhu You gave your all to me, but I did not see But I was loosing til you left Now what am I gonna do I can’t really say right now, but let me tell you Never once did I try to walk in your shoes Try to look at the good you were here to do baby You didn’t want diamonds and pearls, even loved a child That another woman brought in this world Now I have some truths to face, Like I can’t look my son in the face and tell him How to give a woman love, nah I didn’t do it How to … when I didn’t do it I guess I’m finally in love, I’m on love I can’t stand to see you in another man’s arms And I won’t sleep, oh no, till you come through my door Say that you giving us one more try Change all the wrongs back into rights Let me bring you happiness instead of shame Would you please, would you please take away the pain Wanna have a good life, I want you to be my wife Just love is what you need I know you gonna see it And I’d give anything and everything to have you home, whoa, oh