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My Love Is True (Emilia)

You're always fuzz 'n' fightin', Like I am up to something really bad. Well, boy, you're mistaken, So I am a party girl, I like to dance and keep it going all nite, But rules I am not breakin'. No need for the look you're givin' me, If you can't trust, if you can't see, Then I got news for you. My love is true, You're in my heart, in all I do, My love is true. I'll go this far to say it's all because of you. My love is true, Well how about you? My love is true. You say your heart is achin' and keep on callin' me constantly, On every girl's night out you're always buggin' me. I'm just a victim for your jealousy. Well I am not the one you should doubt. Hurtin' is something we can't go round, But somehow you gotta cool down. Say good-bye now, bye-bye to that unhappy guy.