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Twist of Fate (Emilia)

This is my free will This is my song I'm telliing you boy This is so wrong You can't go on like this Playing this game 'Cause all it will bring Is hurt and pain Give me strength God Give me faith 'Cause I will need you now A twist of fate I can't thik straight When I'm walking out that door I'm not coming back no more A twist of fate It is too late I don't care what you will do 'Cause I'm not coming back to you A twist of fate Turn on the the big red light 'Cause here I come Gonna tell the world He's the greatest scum When you defied my love I told my heart That if I fall again I'll leave this part Give me.... Chorus Bridge: Are you lonesome? look at your past What did you do to make it last? It's the way, I wanna be I know that you'll be missing me You'll be missing me