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What If I Told You... (Emilia)

Another sleepless night, So many thoughts I've tried to fight. Words always come out wrong everytime I try, darling. I see you passing by, I wanna run I want to hide, Wish you could see me now, What I keep inside. Bit by bit, I call out in vain, And I don't know just what to do, My heart is in pain. What if I told you, There's no one above you, That you're on my mind? What if I told you, told you I love you? Would I scare you then? 'Cause on stormy days when rain comes down I would wrap my arms around you. So what if I told you, Would you then be mine? All right, boy, if you only knew, Give me a sign, give me a clue. Am I a fool if I got a crush on you? Give me a chance to prove, I'll make it good for you, I swear, But I'm afraid to ask, I'm afraid to lose. Is this meant to be or am I just foolish? It's so hard to see if you're the only one for me.