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We Went Wild (Lord Huron)

She was wise beyond all others. On the island she was my lover. We went wild and it almost killed me, I was blind. But for thirteen days of sun and her I thought I'd never die. I couldn't get tired, although I should have been sleeping. For the first time I wasn't hard of feeling. And at night, while the others were dreaming, we went wild. We'd go running through the temples and the forests of the isle. For thirteen of those sleepless nights I thought I'd never die. I don't know what the hell it was that gave us so much life. On the island we went wild, we never closed our eyes. Don't know where she's gone or what she's done to who since then. She loved me right into the ground. I won't go wild again. I thought good times could last forever. Long nights and perfect weather. I tried to never say never, but I was wrong. The wildness of those days couldn't last for long. I woke up on the beach one day and found that she had gone. The rains had come, there was no sun, I felt so deadly tired. After thirteen days of loving her I felt like I could die. We went wiiiild.