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May Lannoye (Good Shoes)

The girl at the back The one with the hat Shops at Camden lock for vintage Clothes and shit frocks Wears cowboy boots and jeans Ripped denim by the sea Dances with celebrities On Monday night in our city The girl with black hair The one with pale skin Tells us Corydon's got nothing on this city Wears 50's clothing Has a thing for indie kids Sits and chats to her friends Over coffee and a cigarette. Want to dance but I'll look stupid She tells me I'm just being stupid The girl at the back The one that I had But I lost because I think I moved to fast The one with black hair Who thinks she's everything Carries a rough trade bag Because she thinks it makes her look hip The girl with black hair Who thinks that I care But I don't because I'm just far to selfish Who gets everything Because her dad pays for it Gets everywhere on money but no where on skill