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Morden (Good Shoes)

You can go and eat your Chinese food over Drunken fools singing 80's tunes They'll be singing out of tune saying Get the foreigners out of my area A skinhead in a Burberry coat This is not the sort of place you want to take your kids to Fifty pound shops And nothing left to inspire me in Morden Starring at the government not noticing the queen A wilkinson's and a kfc Is this everything you need for a cultured city? Or is this everything you need to promote burglary You don't get this in the country side A teenager coming at you with a knife Oh but you do There must be something wrong with our society or is it Morden I read the news today A youth killed himself in a horrible way He hung himself From the local supermarket car park Walking down canon hill lane I saw the flowers lay where a car crash took place A drug dealer crashed into a chicane It sort of sums up my area in Morden