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Fort Nightly (White Rabbits)

Come in, radio's on And everyone's dancing around on the lawn Father picks up his guitar He's out there playing along Young girls from out of state Dancing their way on the china plates Tearing apart all the drapes Turning them all into gowns for their parade And I want you to know, while you're singing out of tune I'll be in the back, making eyes across the room So, I guess if things go right I could be out on the tiles all night So put my name on your dance card And usher me out to the yard where the band plays And when it's over the lights are going out Why don't you go home, these drinks are swimming in my head And I don't think I can make upstairs to find a bed So i sleep in my clothes again, On the floor next to all my friends And I wake up asking, what have I done I'm kicking myself when the lights come back on