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American Idle (Much The Same)

As the tears welled up in my eyes, something hit me that tore me up inside Misled, deceived, we all turned out backs on those we should respect and send back home This is not a game that anyone should play Blood spills on the ground and all our hands are dripping now I can't wipe them clean, I somehow feel responsible In a time of disarray I wrote it off and said this feeling will fade away But to my dismay, I still feel responsible I didn't take my duty seriously and now this feeling won't go away It won't go away "In time everything will be alright, he's no better than the other guy" Shame on me! The apathetic American they want me to be I'm a bad cliché that too many of us portray Blood spills on the gounr and all our hands are dripping now I won't make the same mistake again I'll learn to speak my mind I'm never going down without a fight