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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Hits Home (Much The Same)

"She's just a friend," he said, "And that's all she'll ever be But I can't get these thoughts of her Out of my head The cliche story once again, Not as dramatic as it could be But I can't help the way my thoughts Are being led? Can't you see she loves you in a special way? Maybe more than you will ever really know Cause your mind is focused On a fictional storyline You'll miss the happiness reality could hold "This all hits home," I said, "And I can't believe it took so long For me to finally see what's going on With so many troubles in her life, Romantic feelings wear her down All she needs is someone that she can lean on" I'll be your friend through thick and thin The kind that you can always run to When you're hurting and you need a helping hand I'll be your friend when things are great And all you want to do is share your smile And your cheerful happiness I'll be your friend through your mistakes Cause we both know I've had my share And yet you never took the chance to run away I'll be your friend because you love me For reasons I may never know And that means more than meager words could ever say You mean more than any words could ever say